Analysis Of Hydrodynamic Bearings By Electrical Analogy

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Juni 2011



This book basically covers static and dynamicanalysis of different types of Hydrodynamic Journaland Thrust Bearings using Electrical Analogy in 7Chapters including that of start/stopcharacteristics, electrical parameters of bearings,capacitive and inductive effects under the effect ofshaft voltages.Theoretical procedure to establish, capacitance,resistance, capacitive reactance, impedance andcharge accumulation on surfaces of bearings is giventhat originates the new methodology for the diagnosisof bearings under electrical analogy. Also, thedecrease in life span of bearings under the influenceof different levels of shaft voltages has beenestablished theoretically, and the safe limit of theshaft voltage for a bearing has been identified. Thedynamic coefficients of the bearings have beendetermined using an electrical analogy approachbeside determination of minimum cycles before cratersare formed on the active surface of bearings.


Dr. Har Prashad is presently consultant of Centre for Tribology Incorporated,(CETR) USA. He is retired Senior Deputy General Manager from the Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Corporate Research and Development Division, Hyderabad.He published more than 125 papers in both national and intern. journals. He is the author of three technical books.
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