The Influence of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction

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Juni 2011



In this research customer satisfaction and service quality have been considered as important factors for any organizations. However, empirical evidence concerning the relationship between customer satisfaction and service quality, offered by organizations, has remained unclear. This research tested a service quality model SERVQUAL to measure customer satisfaction with the delivery of service. Communication and its influence on customer satisfaction also evaluated. It must be mentioned that the American Customer Satisfaction Index was used to measure the overall satisfaction of customer. Five main dimensions of the service quality model SERVQUAL which were applied are tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy and also the influence of communication on customer satisfaction is were tested during this survey. The model was applied to the customers who had previous experience from private hospitals on Penang Island. The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors that contribute to customer satisfaction in Penang's' private healthcare centers. The study helps to examine and understand the factors influenced in determining customer satisfaction.


Navid Fatehi Rad is currently Business Doctoral Researcher in School of Management at University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia, Panang. His research interests include the International Business, International Supply Chain Management, International Marketing and Strategic Management.
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