Health Education in Malaria Control and Prevention Interventions

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Juni 2011



Malaria is endemic in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and contributes significantly to infant and maternal mortality. To reverse this situation, health education continues to be used in promoting the uptake of malaria interventions in SSA. This systematic review was conducted to look into the extent to which health education has been effective in increasing the uptake of community-based malaria control and prevention interventions. The review suggests that health education in community-based malaria prevention and control interventions influences the uptake of malaria interventions, enhances knowledge about the malaria disease and generally reduces malaria prevalence and mortality in children under five and pregnant women. This book is useful to health professionals, organisations, or anyone else who may be engaged in the fight against malaria in the global south.


BSc. Development Planning, Ghana; MSc. Public Health (Health Promotion), Leeds, UK; Senior Financial Services Officer, Sinapi Aba Trust, Ghana
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