Teambuilding: Bullet Guides

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What's in this book? Open this book and you will... - Inspire your team - Set clear objectives - Delegate better - Master meetings Learn about teambuilding: - Leaders and teams - Team development - The art of delegation - Setting team goals - Conducting productive meetings - Parallel thinking - Communication tips - Team motivation What are Bullet Guides? The answers you need - now. Clear and concise guides in a portable format. Information is displayed in an easy-to-read layout with helpful images and tables. Bullet Guides include all you need to know about a subject in a nutshell. Get right to the point without wading through loads of unnecessary information.


1. Why have teams? 2. What makes a team? 3. Who do you want on your team? 4. How does your team work? 5. Where are we going? 6. Leadership 7. Communications 8. Team meetings 9. Trust and loyalty 10. Team rewards


Mac Bride is a successful computer author who brings over 20 years of teaching experience to his writing.
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