Practical Data Migration

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Written for executives and practitioners tasked with the movement of data from old systems to a new repository, this edition uses a series of steps guaranteed to get the reader from an empty new system to one that is working and backed by the user population. Using this proven methodology will vastly increase the chances of a successful migration.


Figures and tables Author Acknowledgements Abbreviations Glossary Useful websites INTRODUCTION SECTION 1: EXECUTIVE OVERVIEW 1 Data migration: what's all the fuss 2 Ggolden rules and super smart tasks 3 PDMv2 overview 4 Creating a migration strategy SECTION 2: TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES 5 Metadata and key business data area decomposition 6 Demilitarised zones and key data stakeholder management 7 Landscape analysis 8 Ssystem retirement plan 9 Data quality rules 10 Gap analysis and mapping 11 Migration design and execution 12 Legacy decommissioning SECTION 3: FAILING DATA MIGRATION PROJECTS 13 Rescuing failing data migration projects APPENDICES A1 Configurable items A2 Impact analysis frame A3 Data migration strategy checklist A4 Specimen DQR form A5 Data mapping example Index


Johny Morris has over twenty years' experience in IT working as a programmer, analyst, project manager and data architect. He has worked for some of the biggest names in IT consultancy including CSC, Logica CMG and Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) and has been involved in large-scale migrations at Barclays Bank, National Grid Transco and the BBC.


For any practitioner faced with the challenge of delivering a successful data migration, this book is an absolute necessity. -- Dylan Jones Founder, Data Migration Pro/ Data Quality Pro The author does an excellent job of presenting the key topics clearly and concisely, with hints and anecdotes throughout to help illustrate the main points. Overall a well written and extremely useful book for anyone involved in the migration of systems. -- Mehmet Hurer MBCS CITP BT
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