Bicycling the Pioneer Valley . and Beyond: 28 Scenic Road Bike Tours in the Connecticut River Valley Region of Western Massachusetts

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Januar 2010



This comprehensive guide is authored by long-time Valley resident Marion Gorham, an accomplished bicyclist with extensive experience in touring throughout Europe and North America. Gorham is also the newsletter-editor of the Franklin-Hampshire Freewheelers Bicycle Club.
The 28 tours listed in this guide offer many choices for both the novice and the experienced cyclist -- a variety of terrain and outstanding features of the region, from scenic mountains and farmland vistas to waterfalls, country stores, rail-trails, and lightly-used backcountry roads. Rides include detailed descriptions and options to lengthen or shorten the routes, making for 75 different tour options with distances ranging from 15-mile half-day rides to a 60-mile circuit around the Quabbin Reservoir. Each tour is accompanied by a detailed, computer-compiled map showing the main route plus options in an accurate, easy-to-read format.
Bicycling the Pioneer Valley also contains practical sections on safety, equipment and riding technique, as well as useful lists of national and local touring clubs, recommended books and maps, and a complete directory of the area bicycle shops.

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