Kinetic and Continuum Theories of Granular and Porous Media

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Mai 1999



This book is an account on the thermomechanical behaviour of granular and porous materials and deals with experiments, theoretical deduction of macroscale equations by means of averaging from microscale properties, embedding the macroscopic description into a continuum-thermodynamical and statistical context and analysis of solutions of macroscopic models by numerical techniques. It addresses itself to engineers (chemical, civil, mechanical) applied mathematicians and physicists at the advanced student or Ph. D. level at universities, research centres and in industry.


K. Hutter, Order and Disorder in Granular Materials: Experiment and Theory.- W. G. Gray, Elements of a Systematic Procedure for the Derivation of Macroscale Conservation Equations for Multiphase Flow in Porous Media.- K. Wilmanski, Waves in Porous and Granular Materials.- B. A. Schrefler, Numerical Methods in Theories of Porous Materials.- B. Svendsen, A Statistical Mechanical Formulation of Continuum Fields and Balance Relations for Granular and Other Materials with Internal Degrees of Freedom.


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