Mechanics of Solids with Phase Changes

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Juli 1997



The book is mainly devoted to the thermomechanical behavior of materials during solid-solid phase transformations. The physical mechanisms including diffusion, martensitic transformation and plasticity are described from material science point of view. The global behaviour is deduced from methods of classical as well as irreversible thermodynamics and continuum and micro mechanics. Mainly metals, both non ferrous and ferrous alloys but also geological problems are dealt with. Special attention is given to transformation induced plasticity and shape memory alloys. Three chapters are concerned with practical applications (heat treatment, smart structures, residual stresses).


J. Ortin, Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Phase Transitions: an Introduction.- H.P. Stüwe, Interaction of Stresses and Strains with Phase Changes in Metals: Physical Aspects.- E. Gautier, E. Patoor, Experimental Observations for Shape Memory Alloys and Transformation Induced Plasticity Phenomena.- E. Gautier, Interactions Between Stresses and Diffusive Phase Transformations with Plasticity.- E. Patoor, M. Berveiller, Micromechanical Modelling of the Thermomechanical Behaviour of Shape Memory Alloys.- F.D. Fischer, Modelling and Simulation of Transformation Induced Plasticity in Elasto-Plastic Materials.- F.K. Lehner, Theory of Pressure Solution Creep in Wet Compacting Sediments.- E. Patoor, Y. Gillet, M. Berveiller, Application to Shape Memory Devices.- F.D. Fischer, Application to Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment.- S. Denis, Considering Stress-Phase Transformation Interactions in the Calculation of Heat Treatment Residual Stresses.


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