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12 edition. An insider's guide to the best that Scotland has to offer, detailing the best places to stay, the best beaches, the best ice-cream, the best hill walks, the best seafood and more. Published to coincide with St Andrew's Day and Hogmannay. 'Infallible and quite brilliant' "Daily Telegraph"


Peter Irvine is a director of two of the leading edge events companies in Scotland who produce most of the major public events in Glasgow and Edinburgh, including the annual Glasgow Art Fair and Edinburgh's Hogmanay, which is now the biggest New Year festival in the world. In 2000 Peter Irvine was given the Thistle award for his personal contribution to tourism in Scotland and in 2002 gained another Thistle award for the Glasgow Art Fair.


'the book is also a gospel, a love poem to Scotland and a patriotic tract' The Observer 'Nobody tells it better...All that's wonderful about Scotland is in the book' Daily Express 'Infallible and quite brilliant' Daily Telegraph 'Makes all other guides to Scotland redundant' The Sunday Times 'The only guide worth a damn' The Scotsman 'he has been a driving force in Scottish tourism' Ecosse (Supp. To the Sunday Times - Scottish Edition) 'Irvine has also become quite the figurehead for Scottish tourism' Aberdeen Press & Journal 'Apart from a clever structure and the highest journalistic standards, this book is a joy. The clever thing about such opinionated copy is that pretty soon one picks up the character of the writer, and thus can get a much more accurate and tactile impression of a place than from so-called even handed reports. This book can only enhance the pleasure of visiting or living in Scotland' Amazon 'The only travel guide that sells most in the country it is about.' Independent on Sunday
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