Birds of Venezuela

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""The Birds of Venezuela" has come of age. The first edition was a marvel when it appeared back in 1978: the first book on a South American avifauna to be accurately and beautifully illustrated, by Guy Tudor. Now Steve Hilty has given us a text to match the quality of the plates, which themselves have here been substantially expanded by John Gwynne. Good succinct behavioral and vocal information, accurate and clear distribution maps, and lots of new ID information, all combine to be just what field observers and ornithologists have wanted. It was worth the wait."--Robert Ridgely, Director, International Bird Conservation, National Audubon Society


List of Figures, Photographs, and Table vii Symbols and Abbreviations xi Acknowledgments xiii Plan of the Book 1 Topography 5 Climate 9 Biogeography 11 Vegetation Zones and Habitat Descriptions 13 Conservation and National Parks 31 Migration 37 History of Ornithological Exploration in Venezuela 41 Plates 43 Key to Range Map Symbols 178 Species Accounts 179 Bibliography 835 Index 857 Speed Index to Commoner Groups 877


Steven L. Hilty, one of the world's leading specialists in neotropical ornithology, has led birding tours to more than twenty countries. He is the author of "Birds of Tropical America: A Watcher's Introduction to Behavior, Breeding and Diversity" and the coauthor of "A Guide to the Birds of Colombia".


Winner of the 2002 Best Bird Book - South America, Worldtwitch "This is a state-of-the-science field guide that will remain essential to birders, biologists and biodiversity workers for years to come."--Adrian Barnett, New Scientist "An amazingly useful resource, indispensable in the field."--John Kricher, Birding
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