BMW 3-Series, 1991-1999

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Juli 2000



Established in the 1980s, BMW's 3-series came of age in the 1990s by setting new standards of for luxury, performance, and desirability. This concise yet comprehensive reference examines 3-Series design and development in the last decade, offering performance assessments and exploring the numerous specification changes applied to the cars' engines, transmissions, bodywork, and interior amenities. Saloons, coupes, and touring cars are all covered, as is the Z3 sports car. Technical specifications and production figures are also tabulated, providing an invaluable reference for thousands of BMW enthusiasts and owners, as well as prospective buyers.


Graham Robson possesses a worldwide reputation as a motoring historian, and has been close to the sport of rallying for many years, as a competitor, team manager, organizer, reporter, commentator and observer; in more than forty years he has never lost touch with the sport. Not only has Graham competed in many British and European events, he's also reported on marathons in South America, and acted as a traveling controller in the legendary London-Mexico World Cup Rally. As a recognized authority on many aspects of classic cars and motoring of that period, he is the most prolific of all authors, with more than 130 published books to his credit. Over the years Graham has owned, driven, described and competed in many of the cars featured in the Rally Giants Series, and his insight to their merits is unmatched. Graham Robson lives and works in England.
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