Broken Bodies, Healing Hearts

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Februar 2000



Broken Bodies, Healing Hearts: Reflections of a Hospital Chaplain provides chaplains, doctors, psychologists, counselors, and nurses with insight into the experiences of individual hospital patients and the suffering that they endure, as well as what they learn about themselves and God through their ordeal. This is a wonderful collection of descriptive, insightful, personal, and heartfelt essays, each derived from a visit with a particular patient. These essays bring to the surface aspects of human experience, inviting you to see the spiritual behind both the significant and everyday events in life.


Contents Foreword Preface Acknowledgments And a Child Will Lead Them Beyond Pity Redeemed by Grace Divine Identity Learning to Be Homecoming Letting Go to Keep From Falling Apart Fertile Ground Blessed are the Poor in Spirit Not Religious, But Real The Man Without a Nose Called to Wait Recollection Faces of Grief Mutual Healing Free to Die Light Shines in the Darkness Good-bye Grandm re Addicted to Pain A Time for Everything God's Poster Child A Longing for Companionship Living in Love Looking Back Through New Lenses Always in Process At a Distance Another Side of Me To Be in Relationship Again Necessary Friction Empty Before God Comfort in Death and in Life Everybody's Savior And God Was in it All Pink Pajamas in Heaven Index Reference Notes Included
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