Bullseyes Don't Shoot Back

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Learn why point shooting is the most practical technique for aiming and shooting a handgun in a real gunfight. This instructional guide teaches you how and when to use point shooting, compares it to two-handed sighted fire and tells how a major police training facility is teaching point shooting with stunning results.


Chapter 1 - A Brief History of Point Shooting Chapter 2 - Why Point Shooting? Chapter 3 - Circumstances of the Typical Gunfight and Practical Gunfighting Technique Chapter 4 - Combat Shooting, Distance, and Time Chapter 5 - Combat Shooting Phase 1: The Body Point Chapter 6 - Combat Shooting Continuum Phase2: Point Shooting Chapter 7 - Combat Shooting Continuum Phase 3: Two-Handed Point Shooting Chapter 8 - Combat Shooting Continuum Phase 4: Two-Handed Sighted Fire Chapter 9 - Shooting from the Draw Chapter 10 - Point Shooting vs. State of the Art Chapter 11 - Training Tips Chapter 12 - Coming Full Circle: The Rediscovery of Point Shooting by Law Enforcement Chapter 13 - Suggestions for Further Study


Col. Rex Applegate was universally recognized as America's foremost authority on close combat with or without weapons. Michael D. Janich is one of the foremost modern authorities on handgun point shooting and one of the few contemporary instructors to have personally trained with the late close-combat legend Col. Rex Applegate. In addition to making his own martial arts equipment, noted martial arts author and instructor Michael Janich has designed and engineered everything from blowguns to knives, including the highly acclaimed Masters of Defense Tempest folding knife.

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