Professional Sharepoint 2010 Development

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Updated guidance on how to take advantage of the newest features of SharePoint programmability
More than simply a portal, SharePoint is Microsoft's popular content management solution for building intranets and websites or hosting wikis and blogs. Offering broad coverage on all aspects of development for the SharePoint platform, this comprehensive book shows you exactly what SharePoint does, how to build solutions, and what features are accessible within SharePoint.
Written by a team of SharePoint experts, this new edition offers an extensive selection of field-tested best practices that shows you how to leverage the vast power of this multi-faceted tool to build custom workflow and content management applications. Plus, you'll discover how to take advantage of the new features to roll out new SharePoint sites or upgrade existing sites.
* Keeps you thoroughly up to date on all the most recent changes to SharePoint 2010
* Reveals broad and deep coverage of social media features, content management applications, enterprise search, business connectivity services, user experience development, and custom workflow
* Examines SharePoint Server 2010 vs. SharePoint Foundation Server
* Highlights ways you can take advantage of improvements to offline and mobile client capabilities, improvements to SQL Server table support, Cloud-based offerings with Azure integration, social networking additions, and more
Professional SharePoint 2010 Development, Second Edition presents you with authoritative coverage on all aspects of development for the SharePoint platform.


Introduction xxv
Chapter 1: Introduction to Sharepoint 2010 1
Chapter 10: Ecm: Document Management 459
Chapter 11: Introducing Business Connectivity Services 491
Chapter 12: Advanced Business Connectivity Services 535
Chapter 13: Workflow 577
Chapter 14: Business Intelligence 651
Chapter 15: Sharepoint Online 745
Chapter 2: Developer Tools for Sharepoint 2010 17
Chapter 3: It Pro Enhancements for the Developer 63
Chapter 4: Sharepoint Platform 85
Chapter 5: Collaboration and Social Computing 207
Chapter 6: Search 233
Chapter 7: Records Management 303
Chapter 8: Web Content Management 327
Chapter 9: Electronic Forms 389
Appendix: Additional Help and Resources 771
Index 773


Tom Rizzo is a director in the Microsoft Cloud Solutions product management team. Reza Alirezaei is the president of Development Horizon, author of technical papers and books, Microsoft SharePoint MVP, and frequent speaker at SharePoint conferences. Paul J. Swider is an international speaker, trainer, consultant, and the founder of the Charleston SharePoint Users Group and a founder of the nonprofit organization, Sharing the Point. Kenneth Schaefer is an independent developer and designer focusing on SharePoint and web-based solutions. Jeff Fried is the CTO of BA Insight, holds 15 patents, and is the author of 50 technical papers. Scot Hillier is an independent consultant, Microsoft MVP, and author.
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