Philosophy and Religion

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This volume contains vigorously argued essays on religion based on The Royal Institute of Philosophy's 2008-9 lecture series.


Introduction Anthony O'Hear; 1. God as the simplest explanation of the Universe Richard Swinburne; 2. Explaining the fine tuning of the Universe to us and the fine tuning of us to the Universe T. J. Mawson; 3. What can God explain? Gerard J. Hughes; 4. One step toward God Brian Leftow; 5. What do religious believers believe? Richard Norman; 6. With and without absurdity: Moore, magic and McTaggart's cat Peter Cave; 7. Twenty questions about Hume's 'Of Miracles' Peter Millican; 8. Darwinism, purpose and meaning Mary Midgley; 9. Christianity and the errors of our time: Simone Weil on atheism and idolatry Mario Von Der Ruhr; 10. Spirituality for the godless Michael McGhee; 11. Living in the light of religious ideals Clare Carlisle; 12. Sacrifice, transcendence and 'making sacred' Douglas Hedley; 13. The incarnation: divine embodiment and the divided mind Robin Le Poidevin; 14. Religious tolerance, diversity, and pluralism Peter Byrne.


Anthony O'Hear is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Buckinghamshire, Director of The Royal Institute of Philosophy and Editor of the journal Philosophy.
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