The Cambridge Companion to the Cello

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Juni 1999



This is the most comprehensive book ever to be published about the cello.


List of illustrations; Notes on the contributors; Preface; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations, fingering and notation; 1. The cello: origins and evolution John Dilworth; 2. The bow: its history and development John Dilworth; 3. Cello acoustics Bernard Richardson; 4. Masters of the Baroque and Classical eras Margaret Campbell; 5. Nineteenth-century virtuosi Margaret Campbell; 6. Masters of the twentieth century Margaret Campbell; 7. The concerto Robin Stowell and David Wyn Jones; 8. The sonata Robin Stowell; 9. Other solo repertory Robin Stowell; 10. Ensemble music: in the chamber and the orchestra Peter Allsop; 11. Technique, style and performing practice to c. 1900 Valerie Walden; 12. The development of cello teaching in the twentieth century R. Caroline Bosanquet; 13. The frontiers of technique Frances-Marie Uitti; Appendix: principal pedagogical literature; Glossary of technical terms; Notes; Select bibliography; Index.
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