The Cambridge Companion to Tom Stoppard

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September 2001



Companion to the work of playwright Tom Stoppard who also co-authored screenplay of Shakespeare in Love.


List of illustrations; Notes on contributors; Acknowledgements; Introduction Katherine E. Kelly; Part I. Background and Chronology: 1. Exit Tomas Straussler, enter Sir Tom Stoppard: the playwright of unidentical twins Paul Delaney; Chronology Paul Delaney; 2. 'In the Native State' and 'Indian Ink' Josephine Lee; Part II. The Works: 3. Narrative difficulties in 'Lord Malquist and Mr Moon' Peter J. Rabinowitz; 4. Stoppard's radio and television plays Elissa Guralnick; 5. Stoppard and film Ira Nadel; 6. The early stage plays Neil Sammells; 7. 'Travesties', 'Night and Day', 'The Real Thing' Toby Zinman; 8. Tom Stoppard and politics John Bull; 9. Stoppard's Shakespeare: textual re-visions Jill L. Levenson; 10. Science in 'Hapgood' and 'Arcadia' Paul Edwards; 11. The comedy of Eros: Stoppard in Love Hersh Zeifman; Part III. Culture and Context: 12. Tom Stoppard's Brit/Lit/Crit Enoch Brater; 13. 'Is Postmodernism?': Stoppard among/against the Postmodern Michael Vanden Heuvel; 14. The Tom Stoppard Collection at the Harry J. Ransom Humanities Research Center Melisa Miller; Notes; Bibliography Melissa Miller; Index.


"Kelly(Texas A & M Univ.) maintains the high standards set by previous volumes in the "Cambridge Companions to Literature" series...The level of writing is consistently high and sufficiently clear that nonexperts should find it accessible...Strongly recommended." CHOICE
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