Electronic Media Symbolism

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August 2011



In this book, the author observes that the symbolism aspect of electronic media is a concept that is quite fluid to so many people, yet it is what leads to moral decadence such as prostitution, alcohol and drug abuse, inappropriate dress code, violation of social responsibility, and lack of etiquette. She explains how the symbolism concept of electronic media brings moral decadence and change of lifestyles of female students in tertiary institutions, in Kenya, that contradicts the norms of the society. The author strives to answer the following question: Why does negative behavior change occur among the female students whenever they join tertiary institutions? Doreen observes that these students spend most of their time interacting with the modern electronic media hence emulating the symbolism aspects that they gather from it. Therefore, she recommends that students should be exposed to proper guidance and counseling, especially in regard to interaction with electronic media. She points out that some programs may negatively influence their behavior. This book is a must-read to parents, students, counselors, administrators and anybody interested in youth positive behavior change.


Doreen Akech Orawo holds a B.Ed. in English Literature and a Masters Degree in Communication Studies from Moi University where she is a part-time lecturer and pursuing her Ph.D. in Communication Studies. She has authored several articles on gender conflict. Doreen researches on the dynamics of Social and Ethical Responsibility Values.
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Untertitel: A Focus on Female Students Behaviour Change in Tertiary Institutions in Eldoret, Kenya. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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