Embodiments of Cultural Encounters

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August 2011



The meeting of members of different cultures, frequently conceptualized in abstract terms, always involves the meeting of human bodies. This volume brings together contributions by scholars of various disciplines that address physical aspects and effects of cultural encounters in historical and present-day Settings. Bodies were and are not only markers of cultural identity and difference, endlessly inscribed and represented as the 'body politic' or 'the exotic other'; as battlegrounds of cross-cultural signification and identification bodies are also potential agents of change. While some essays address the elusiveness of the 'real' or material body, forever lost behind a veil of textual and visual representation, others analyze the performative effect of such representations - their function of disciplining colonized bodies and Subjects by integrating them into Western systems of cultural signification and scientific classification. Yet, as the volume also shows, formerly colonized people, far from Subjecting themselves completely to Western discourses of physical discipline, retain traditional body practices - whether in food culture, religious ritual, or musical performances. Such local reinscriptions escape the grip of Western culture and transform the global semantics of the body.


Contents Introduction SEBASTIAN JOBS AND GESA MACKENTHUN BODIES: A MATTER OF COLONIAL ENCOUNTER CHAPTER ONE "As in a Mirror": Reflections on Bodies and Cultural Encounters in Seventeenth-Century New England MARTHA L. FINCH CHAPTER TWO "A Mark Indelible": Herman Melville and the Cross-Cultural History of Tattooing in the Nineteenth Century MICHAEL C. FRANK CHAPTER THREE Outside History: Same-Sex Sexuality and the Colonial Archive LEE WALLACE CHAPTER FOUR Sex as a Transcultural Event? Sexualities in the French Foreign Legion and Their Representations in Autobiographical Writing CHRISTIAN KOLLER BODIES AS MEDIA - MEDIA OF BODIES: TEXTS, IMAGES, PERFORMANCES CHAPTER FIVE The Embodiment of Sin and Virtue. Visual Representations of a Religious Concept in a Colonial Andean Contact Zone ASTRID WINDUS CHAPTER SIX "Put on God's Armour Now!": the Embattled Body in African Pentecostal-type Christianity ANDREAS HEUSER CHAPTER SEVEN Exotic Humans on Display: Representations of Cultural Differences in German Ethnic Shows HILKE THODE-ARORA CHAPTER EIGHT Dreamlands of Culture: Ethnographic Dioramas and their Prospects ANDREA ZITTLAU MAPPED AND MEASURED: SCHOLARS IN THE FIELD CHAPTER NINE The 'Colonial Body' as Object of Knowledge in Ethnological Museums ANJA LAUKOTTER CHAPTER TEN Mediterranean Medical Bodies and the Ottoman Empire, 1517-1820 RAINER BROMER CHAPTER ELEVEN Musical Bodies in Bali ELLEN KOSKOFF CHAPTER TWELVE Telling Maya Tales: Points of View in Guatemala W. GEORGE LOVELL CHAPTER THIRTEEN Protein and Power. Nutritional Recommendations and Daily Life in Oaxaca MARTINA KALLER-DIETRICH
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