Transitions in Health Systems

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Nowadays, health care is confronted with a wide variety of problems: new emerging or re-emerging diseases, rising costs, increasingly complex management processes, and so on. Since the 1990s most nations have tried to deal with these problems by reforming their health systems. However, many of these reforms did not succeed in realizing the desired gains in efficiency and equity.

This book aims at exploring persistent problems in health systems and health system reform from an innovative perspective - the perspective
of the new, emerging scientific field of system innovation and
transition theory. This generates new and refreshing insights on how
to innovate health systems. In particular, strategies that could be
labelled transition experiments - involving all relevant stakeholders
exploring new constellations in niches - are described and analyzed.


Jacqueline E. W. Broerse is an associate professor and the head of the department of science communication at VU University Amsterdam. She is also a member of the International Advisory Board of the Dutch Royal Tropical Institute and appointed principle investigator at the Center for Society and Genomics. Joske F. G. Bunders is the head of the department of biology and society and the director of the Athena Institute at VU University Amsterdam.


"In this book, well-known scientists offer their contribution on the topic of transitions in health systems, resulting in a comprehensible vision on the true nature of both the persistent problems and the way to solve them . . . . I hope that many people will acquire the insights and tools described in this book. It will help them to lead sustainable change." --Fedde Scheele, professor, VU University Medical Center
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