The Future of Food Business

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Juli 2011



This unique book is a collection of articles published by the author in leading newspapers around the world. The papers focus on food chains and new concepts and ideas on how to increase competitiveness and value within the food and agricultural sectors.
The book gives a comprehensive description of the food chain and suggests methods and tools that can be used by companies to re-structure their innovative market strategies. It discusses up-to-date trends, world food crises, integrated food chains and strategic planning for companies in the food sector. It also covers international investments and the role of governments in food chains.
The book will motivate readers to rethink how business is conducted in the food chain and proposes new strategies for companies in the food sector. It is a must-read for entrepreneurs and researchers who are active in the food chain network.


The Food Production Chains Environment; Food Crises; Strategic Planning for Food Companies; How to Capture Value and Innovate in Food Chains; International Investments in Food Chains; The Role of Governments in Food Chains.
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