Innovative Health Partnerships

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November 2011



Defines and presents a range of innovative partnerships (including Global Health Initiatives, Private Foundations, Public/Private Partnerships, and the role of Civil Society) which are at the heart of health diplomacy. This title describes the steps and negotiations used to integrate various players into development at the global level.


Common Themes: Origins and diversity of Health Partnerships; Negotiating with New Partners to Increase the Effectiveness and Volume of Aid: The Role of Global Funds; Limitations of Partnerships: Taking the Agenda Forward; Country Health Systems and Global Health Partnerships: What are the Challenges, How to Think about Them, and What to do Differently; Managing for Results: A "Common Currency" to Coordinate Health Development; Managing Health Partnerships at Country Level; Integrating New Partnerships at Country Level: Global Health Programs: Negotiating Aid Effectiveness into New Partnerships; Malaria: Partnerships in Malaria Control; Innovative Approaches to Financing Development: The GAVI Alliance; PEPFAR: A Results-Driven Approach to International HIV Support; Private Foundations: Their Role in Financing and Health Governance; Private Sector: New Ways of Doing Business; Civil Society Partners: Claiming Spaces for Civil Society in Global Health; Integrating New Partnerships at Global Level: Governance and Sustainable Financing in Southern Africa: Swaziland, A Case Study; Negotiating Aid Reform in Vietnam: Unpacking "Country" Ownership; Ethiopia: Aligning Stakeholders Behind National Health Plans; India: Scaling HIV Prevention Through Partnerships - The Avahan Experience; Russia: Key Characteristics of the NGO AIDS Response: Assertive Leadership, Professional Reputation, and Broad Partnerships; State Fragility: Working with Partners to Achieve Health Results in African Countries; Health Communities: Social Capital and Effective Partnerships - Building on Community Responses.


This volume is a highly valuable contribution to the current discourse on global health and development aid effectiveness. It takes stock of lessons learned by different countries and innovative partnership strategies. I -- TedrosGhebreyesus "Minister of Health, Ethiopia"
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