Centering: A Guide to Inner Growth

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November 1983



A complete guide to awakening your full potential, CENTERING offers techniques that help you take charge of your destiny. Through a process of consciousness expansion, this book shows how to enhance learning power; heighten awareness of the world around you; discover new talents and how to use them; relieve stress; increase career satisfaction and financial security; enjoy better health and more fulfilling relationships; and even more.


Sanders G. Laurie and Melvin J. Tucker have practiced and taught their unique and highly effective meditation system for many years. Sanders Laurie also wrote and narrated the audiocassette "Centering: Guided Meditations." Both authors live in New York State.


""Centering" is one of the better-generalized inner growth books on the market. The authors cover a variety of topics from meditation and mindfulness through detachment and the concept of time to healing energy and dream work. They've also included several apptitudinal profile tests for self-inquiry purposes."--Dr. Tami Brady, TCM Reviews, Feb 2009
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