The Cinema of Federico Fellini

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This major artistic biography of Federico Fellini shows how his exuberant imagination has been shaped by popular culture, literature, and his encounter with the ideas of Carl Jung, especially Jungian dream interpretation. Covering Fellini's entire career, the book links his mature accomplishments to his first employment as a cartoonist, gagman, and sketch-artist during the Fascist era and his development as a leading neorealist scriptwriter.


List of Illustrations
Ch. 1Origins: Journalism and the Comic Strips3
Ch. 2Neorealist Apprenticeship: Fellini as Scriptwriter30
Ch. 3Beyond Neorealism: Character and Narrative Form in Early Fellini from Luci Del Varieta to La Dolce Vita68
Ch. 4Dreams and Metacinema: Le Tentazioni Del Dottor Antonio, 8 1/2, Block-Notes Di Un Regista, I Clowns, Roma, E La Nave Va, Ginger E Fred, and Intervista150
Ch. 5Literature and Cinema: Toby Dammit and Fellini Satyricon227
Appendixes to Chapter Five253
Ch. 6Fellini and Politics: Amarcord and Prova d'Orchestra262
Ch. 7"The Great Fabricator and Dissolver of Clouds": Sexuality and the Image of Women in Giulietta Degli Spiriti, Casanova, and La Citta Delle Donne292
Ch. 8La voce della luna and the Cinema of Poetry327
A Fellini Filmography335
Selected Bibliography345


Peter Bondanella, an esteemed scholar of Italian film, has committed an act of daring. It's the best kind of daring - unselfconscious and authentic. . . Courageous in ideational independence, he is equally steadfast in his enterprise - to understand and explicate and important artist's process. He does this to an impressive degree, not with clinical smugness but with relish and respect. His book is a loving and helpful tribute.
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