Communicating When Your Company Is Under Siege

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Marion Pindsdorf's prescription to prevent a corporate disaster is: when public health and safety are involved, tell it all and tell is fast.This book is a guide for companies large and small for surviving a public crisis. It is a battle tested guide written by a veteran public relations expert that is packed with information on working with the media during a corporate public crisis. Pindsdorf uses specific cases as examples of how to and how not to handle public relations during a crisis.


Marion K. Pinsdorf, Ph.D., has been a Vice President of Textron and INA (CIGNA) Corporations, and Hill and Knowlton, Inc., and was Associate Professor and Senior Fellow in Communications at Fordham's Graduate School of Business Administration. She also taught at Brown University and the University of St. Gallen, and is a well-known consultant and journalist, and the author of Communicating When Your Company Is under Siege (Third Edition, Fordham). She lives in Leonia, New Jersey.
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