Communication Excellence: Using Nlp to Supercharge Your Business Skills

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Februar 2001



Are you an effective communicator? Do you always convey the correct message, or do you sometimes feel that you are not fully understood? This book provides a ten-lesson course that will transform you into an excellent communicator. Drawing on psychology, linguistics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, it teaches you how to interact effectively with colleagues, bosses, officials, family and friends. Providing invaluable training in key NLP-based methods, Communication Excellence presents powerful exercises that will increase your ability to: manage; market; sell; influence; inspire; innovate.


"I found it gave a refreshing view on how to ask questions. In fact, as far as I know it is the first book describing McWhirther's language model (McWhirther has been working on a book for years, but nothing has come out yet).Conclusion: If you haven't yet bought a book on NLP yet you want to know how these skills will help you in a business context with some concrete examples, you might as well start with this book." Patrick Merlevede
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