Concurrent Marketing: Creating Value Through Business and Social Sector Partnerships

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Oktober 1995



Companies today have the capability to develop higher quality products and services faster than ever before. Advances in production quality, cycle time, supply chain arrangements, and customer information - all radical improvements in "upstream" efforts to serve the customer - have altered business competition. Concurrent Marketing is the first book to show why this competitive environment demands a new, more coordinated marketing effort "downstream" in which field sales and service take on increased strategic significance. In such an environment, product management, sales, and service groups must interact more often, more quickly, and in greater depth across an increased number of products, markets, and accounts. Concurrent Marketing explains how companies can integrate the activities of these three groups and leverage functional expertise for competitive advantage. Cespedes addresses the importance of specialist expertise in cross-functional activities; the role and limits of incentives in achieving flexible coordination; the relationship between individual and organizational learning in managing change; the sales force as the fulcrum of marketing efforts; and the consequences of reengineering and team work initiatives that ignore these critical issues. Concurrent marketing presents a competitive opportunity and challenge, says Cespedes, because few firms are yet organized to respond to the new realities of the marketplace. The structures, systems, and processes required to integrate product, sales, and service groups are the building blocks of organizational excellence. They also represent a key to competitive advantage for those companies willing to take the lead.


Part 1 New marketing requirements: the need for tighter linkages; the marketing gearbox - roles and responsibilities; marketing dialects.
Part 2 Building links: structural linkages; market research and information systems; career paths and training programmes.
Part 3 Managing field marketing requirements: account management systems; sales compensation; customer service; building the concurrent marketing capabilities.
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