Cross Training for Dummies

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" The next best thing to having your own personal trainer." Sarah Mahoney, Editor-in-chief, Fitness magazine " The perfect inspiration to take your fitness routine to the next level." — Sally Wadyka, Senior Editor, gymamerica.com Great tips on customizing your training plan to maximize results Are you not getting the results you want from exercise? Are you ready to try something new? Congratulations! This friendly guide is about to rock your world. From savvy tips that' ll turbocharge your workouts to great advice on weight lifting, fitness activities, and team sports, this book has just what you need to advance to a higher level of fitness. Discover how to: Assess your fitness level Understand the five elements of fitness Set personalized exercise goals Incorporate kickboxing Pilates, Spinning, and other cutting edge workouts Have fun with individual and team sports Get smart! www.dummies.com


Tony Ryan trains athletes, celebrities, and other high-profile clients in New York City. Martica Heaner is the author of six fitness books, the fitness director at Fitness magazine, and the star of several workout videos.
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