The Da Capo Jazz and Blues Lover's Guide to the U.S.

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This fully revised and updated edition is an inside look at all the places where jazz and blues live, from national clubs to unmarked holes in the wall, in 25 cities and the Mississippi Delta. With city-by-city listings for clubs, festivals, musicians' homes, historic theaters, record stores, and radio stations--and with brief histories of the music in each particular city--Bird's guide is an essential "where-to" for jazz and blues fans everywhere. Photos.


Christiane Bird spent several years in the travel department of the New York Daily News. She writes for many national magazines and is the author of the forthcoming book Neither East nor West. She lives in New York City.


"The best work of its kind....A major contribution" -San Francisco Examiner "Bird's writing is always sharp, funny, and evocative" -Houston Chronicle "A compelling read whether you're traveling or not." -Boston Globe "If this is your music, this is your book." -San Diego Triburie"
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