Death Writes: A Curious Notebook

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Juli 2002



This unusual, stylish book takes on the pretense of being Death's personal notebook, which has been unearthed and published as is. It is an alphabetized, visually dazzling collection of Death's musings, doodles, and pronouncements, as well as trivia, quotations and statistics on the subject that Death him/herself has collected (in recurring sections called "Death Notices").What does Death have to say about art and artifacts, cannibals and consumerism, icons and vegetables, religion and hot-rods? A great deal, it seems.In his/her own words, Death observes the living with a questioning, somewhat cynical, eye, fascinated by how the living perceive death, the dying, and the afterlife. As such, on a broad scale, the book is a meditation on how our popular culture deals (or doesn't deal) with Death; the narrative, precise and cunning, challenges our existing notions of Death, forcing us to face our fears and misgivings. Death Writes is a hip, avant-goth guide to that which both repels and fascinates.

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