The Delaware Indians: A History

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In the seventeenth century white explores and settlers encountered a tribe of Indians calling themselves Lenni Lenape along the Delaware River and its tributaries in New Jersey, Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania, and southeastern New York. Today communities of their descendants, known as Delawares, are found in Oklahoma, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Ontario, and individuals of Delaware ancestry are mingled with the white populations in many other states. The Delaware Indians is the first comprehensive account of what happened to the main body of the Delaware Nation over the past three centuries.


C. A. Weslager, History Professor Emeritus of Brandywine College of Widener University, is the author of twenty-three books dealing with the Dutch, English, Swedish, and American Indian occupation of the Delaware River valley. Formerly president of the Eastern States Archaeological Federation and the Archaeological Society of Delaware, he is also a Fellow of the Archaeological Society of New Jersey and the Holland Society of New York.
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