Do's and Taboos of Public Speaking: How to Get Those Butterflies Flying in Formation

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August 1992



Develop your powers of public persuasion with the ultimate guide to great speeches and business presentations. Do you get tongue-tied at the mere thought of speaking in public? Would you rather swim with sharks or undergo a tax audit than face an audience? Well, you're not alone.


The Three Secrets for Banishing Fear. Organization of Business Speeches. To Read or Not to Read. Getting Physical. Humor. Appearing on Television. Using Audio-Visual Equipment. Special Speaking Situations. How to Turn Professional. Resources for Help. Parting Advice from Successful Speakers. Listing of Local Chapters, National Speakers Association. Index.


ROGER E. AXTELL is a former VP of Worldwide Marketing for The Parker Pen Company who has spent thirty years traveling and living abroad. He is a professional speaker and bestselling author of a number of books, including the international hit, Do's and Taboos Around the World which has been translated into six languages. MIKE FORNWALD is an Art Director of the Arian, Lowe & Travis Advertising Agency in Chicago, Illinois, and a former political cartoonist.
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