Dr. D's Handbook for Men Over 40: A Guide to Health, Fitness, Living, and Loving in the Prime of Life

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Januar 1998



"Dr. Dorsen gives us a much-needed, practical guide to feeling good and maximizing the joys of life after 40. ... Should be required reading for every active, youthful spirit entering their mature years. " -Geoffrey Tabin, M.D. , author of Blind Corners "A stimulating and valuable read. " -Stanley S. Bergen, Jr. , M.D.


The Fear of Growing Older: Facts and Myths About Our Bodies. Physical Changes That Affect Physical Ability. What to Expect From Your Nerves. On Slowing Down: It's the Master's, Not the Olympics. The Psychology of Aging: Midlife Opportunity. Aging Can Be Good: Stretch, Aerobicize, and Pump Iron. Recent History and Theory of Exercising: What, Why, and How. Practical Techniques: Stretching, Strength, and Aerobics. Nutrition: To Eat or Not to Eat. Ways to Avoid Going Out of Your Mind: The Life Review and Other Tricks. The Hazards of Being 40: Overuse and Abuse. Spirituality: Try It, You'll Like It. Glossary. Index.


Peter Dorsen, M.D., known to his patients as "Dr. D," has been a practicing physician since 1976. He has served on the White House Commission on Aging and has been a health consultant to public officials in Minnesota. He is winner of numerous cross-country skiing medals and also enjoys hiking, climbing, in-line skating, and relaxing with his wife and three daughters.
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