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Spreadsheet guru Greg Harvey is back with friendly guidance and the most up-to-date information on Excel 5 for Windows, the latest version of Micrsoft's popular spreadsheet. Excel For Dummies, 2nd Edition, leads you through Excel's powerful features so you can impress everyone with your professional spreadsheets and reports. Find out about Excel basics the fun and easy way: Through updated coverage of Excel 5 for Windows, including the new features like TipWizard, tabbed dialog boxes, Function Wizard, editing in cells, and much more Discover how to build and format worksheets Produce impressive charts that are useful too Take advantage of Excel's Toolbar and find out how to select the right tool for the jo Create macros with Microsoft's new Visual Basic for Applications to automate and speed-up your work Find out how to use AutoFilter to simplify the task of getting information out of your database Plus Greg's Lists of Top Ten Excel Tips: Ten Excel commandments Ten amazing Word 6 and Excel 5 tricks Ten ways to work smarter and faster, and get that promotion!


Introduction. PART I: THE ABSOLUTE BASICS. Chapter 1: Now, Just What Have You Gotten Yourself Into? Chapter 2: Concocting Your First Workbook. PART II: THE MORE THINGS CHANGE. Chapter 3: Fancying Up the Figures. Chapter 4: How to Make Changes without Messing Up the Entire Workbook. PART III: FERRETING OUT THE INFORMATION. Chapter 5: Keeping on Top of the Information (or How to Avoid Losing Stuff). Chapter 6: Getting the Information Down on Paper (or Spreadsheet Printing 101). PART IV: AMAZING THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH EXCEL (FOR FUN AND PROFIT). Chapter 7: A Picture Worth a Thousand Numbers. Chapter 8: Facts and Figures at Your Fingertips. Chapter 9: Coping with More than One Worksheet at a Time. PART V: EXCEL--HAVE IT YOUR WAY. Chapter 10: Excel Made to Order. Chapter 11: Tooling Around. PART VI: EXCEL FUNCTION REFERENCE (FOR REAL PEOPLE). Chapter 12: I Love Everyday Functions. Chapter 13: Functions for the More Adventurous. PART VII: THE PART OF TENS. Chapter 14: Ten Beginner Basics. Chapter 15: Ten Excel Commandments. Chapter 16: Ten Printing Pointers. Chapter 17: Ten Clever Customizers. Chapter 18: Ten Welcome Warnings. Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Work Smarter, Faster, and Get That Promotion! Chapter 20: Ten Amazing Word 6 and Excel 5 Tricks. Chapter 21: Ten Thousand (More or Less) Useful Keystroke Shortcuts. APPENDIX: How to Install Excel 5.0 on Your Computer without Going Crazy. Glossary. Index. Book Registration Information.


Greg Harvey, the author of more than 30 computer books, has been training business people in the use of IBM PC, DOS, and software application programs such as WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, and dBASE since 1983. He has written numerous training manuals, user guides, and books for business users of software, including IDG Books Worldwide's PC World WordPerfect 6 Handbook, 1-2-3- For Dummies, Windows For Dummies Quick Reference, WordPerfect For DOS For Dummies Quick Reference, DOS For Dummies Quick Reference and WordPerfect For Windows For Dummies Quick Reference. He currently teaches courses in Lotus 1-2-3 and dBASE in the Department of Information Systems at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. He says reading Excel For Dummies, 2nd Edition, is like taking one of his classes-but without the boring lectures!
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