Cancer and Sexual Health

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April 2011



The average physician and even cancer care-givers are not knowledgeable about the effects of cancer treatment on sex and reproductive life. They are even less aware of the options available for treatment of such patients. Cancer and Sexual Health fills a great need for a reference work devoted to the link between cancer and human sexuality. The volume is designed to give a comprehensive and state-of-the-art review of the sexual and reproductive consequences of cancer diagnosis and treatment. It will prove an invaluable resource for those clinicians caring for cancer patients as well as acting as a reference text for the sexual medicine clinician who may not see a large number of cancer patients.


Functional Anatomy Of The Male Sex Organs
Anthony Bella MD
Functional Anatomy Of The Female Sex Organs
Clare Yang MD
Physiology Of Libido
Jim Pfaus PhD
Physiology Of Orgasm
Roy Levin PhD
Physiology Of Female Sexual Arousal
Irwin Goldstein MD
Physiology Of Erection
Tom Lue MD
Physiology Of Ejaculation
Francois Giuliano MD
PART II: Disorders of sexual function
Classifying Female Sexual Dysfunction
Annamaria Giraldi MD
Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
Alessandra Rellini MD
Disorders Of Female Sexual Arousal
Tuuli Kukkonen MD
Disorders Of Female Orgasm
Cindy Meston PhD
Sexual Pain Disorders
Caroline Pukall PhD
Erectile Dysfunction
Francesco Montorsi MD
Wayne Hellstrom MD
Peyronie's Disease
Larry Levine MD
Disorders Of Ejaculation And Male Orgasm
Chris McMahon MD
Arthur Burnett MD
The Sexual Health Interview: Male
Kevan Wylie MD
The Sexual Health Interview: Female
Sharon Parish MD
Communicating about Sex
Susan Carr PhD
Validated Questionnaires In Female Sexual Function Assessment
Cindy Meston PhD
Validated Questionnaires In Male Sexual Function Assessment
Ray Rosen PhD & Christian Nelson PhD
Evaluation of the Female with Sexual Dysfunction
Michael Krychman MD
Evaluation of the Male with Sexual Dysfunction
Gregory Broderick MD
Partner Consequences Of Sexual Dysfunction
Eusebio Rubio-Aurioles PhD
Sexual Health in Gay & Lesbian Patients
Anne Katz, RN, PhD
Impact of Cancer Diagnosis on Sexual Health
Christian Nelson PhD & Andrew Roth MD
Breast Cancer
Stacy Lindau MD
Gynecological Cancers
Johannes Bitzer MD
Pelvic Surgery for Urological Cancers
Nelson Bennett MD & John P. Mulhall MD
Pelvic Radiation in Men
Luca Incrocci MD
Pelvic Radiation in Women
Pernille Jensen MD
Impact Of Chemotherapy and Hormone Therapy On Female Sexual Health
Rosella Nappi MD & Emmanuele Jannini
Impact Of Androgen Deprivation Therapy on Male Sexual Health
Run Wang MD
Colorectal Cancer
Klaas Havenga MD
Stem Cell Transplant
Karen Syrjala PhD
Sexual Health in the Terminally Ill
Woet Gianotten MD
Survivorship: An Overview
Mary McCabe RN
Nutriceuticals in Sexual Health
Mark Moyad MD
Medical Treatments For Sexual Problems In Women
Alessandra Grazziotin MD
Surgical Treatments For Sexual Problems In Women
Andrew Goldstein MD
Sex Therapy In Female Sexual Dysfunction
Linda Banner PhD
Erectile Function Preservation in the Cancer Patient
Raanan Tal MD & John P. Mulhall MD
Erectile Dysfunction: Pharmacological Therapy
Gerry Brock MD
Erectile Dysfunction: Devices
Culley Carson MD
Management Of Premature Ejaculation
Marcel Waldinger MD
Testosterone Supplementation In The Male Cancer Patient
Abraham Morgentaler MD
Sex Therapy In Male Sexual Dysfunction
Stan Althof MD
Restoring Intimacy In Relationships Affected by Cancer
Sharon Manne PhD
Dating And Disclosure For Single Cancer Survivors
Brad Zebrack MSW



From the reviews:

'Nearly 100 internationally recognised contributors ' collected an impressive amount of information useful for sexual medicine clinicians, urologists and oncologists. The book is divided into five parts. ' All pharmacological, nutritional, surgical and psychological strategies were exhaustively considered including current and future options. This outstanding textbook succeeded in its aim and we recommend this as a reference to clinicians involved in cancer management or in urology-andrology for them to obtain valuable information which can be useful in clinical practice.' (European Eurology Today, October/November, 2011)

'Cover the issues of sexual function before, during, and after cancer treatment. ' appeal to primary care practitioners, surgeons, urologists, gynecologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, social workers, and lay people. ' chapters are so well written and illustrated that a person without a medical background could understand it. ' This book should be an important part of the library of every clinician ' . an excellent resource and has very broad appeal to numerous specialists, clinicians, and even lay people. There is something here for everyone.' (Jack Henry Mydlo, Doody's Review Service, July, 2011)


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