Enterprise JavaBeans For Dummies

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Covers the essentials a Java programmer needs to know to build practical EJB applications to be used in business.Covers the enhanced features of the latest EJB release: EJB 2.0 debuted April 2001. This book covers the latest updates that came with that release.Series features: Written in simple, easy-to-follow reference style and targeted directly at developers interested in getting work done with EJB.


Part I: Enterprise JavaBeans: Taste 'em Again for the First Time.
Chapter 1: Enterprise JavaBean Ground Rules.
Chapter 2: A Practical EJB Scenario.
Chapter 3: EJB Technology under the Hood.
Part II: On the Couch with Session Beans.
Chapter 4: Constructing Stateless Session Beans.
Chapter 5: Constructing Stateful Session Beans.
Part III: Entity Beans: The Way Things Are.
Chapter 6: Entity Beans with Container-Managed Persistence 2.0.
Chapter 7: EJB QL and the Abstract Persistence Schema.
Chapter 8: Constructing Entity Beans with Bean-Managed Persistence.
Part IV: Expressing Yourself with Message-Driven Beans.
Chapter 9: Discovering Java Messaging Service.
Chapter 10: Creating Message-Driven Beans.
Part V: Putting It All Together.
Chapter 11: Deploying EJBs for Bean Providers.
Chapter 12: Registering Application Resources with JNDI.
Chapter 13: Assembling EJB Applications.
Chapter 14: Implementing EJB Transaction Support.
Chapter 15: Creating Secure EJB Applications.
Chapter 16: Developing EJB Client Applications.
Part VI: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 17: Ten Great Internet Resources for EJB Development.
Chapter 18: Top Performance Tuning Tips.


Mac Rinehart is a software developer who runs his own technology consulting company. He is also the author of JavaServer Pages For Dummies.
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