Villains and Villainy: Embodiments of Evil in Literature, Popular Culture and Media

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Januar 2011



This collection of essays explores the representations, incarnations and manifestations of evil when it is embodied in a particular villain or in an evil presence. All the essays contribute to showing how omnipresent yet vastly under-studied the phenomena of the villain and evil are. Together they confirm the importance of the continued study of villains and villainy in order to understand the premises behind the representation of evil, its internal localized logic, its historical contingency, and its specific conditions.


Anna Fahraeus and Dikmen Yakali-Camoglu: Introduction Examining Infamous Representations of Villainy Enrique Camara Arenas: Villains in Our Mind: A Psychological Approach to Literary and Filmic Villainy Sara Martin: The Silent Villain: The Minimalist Construction of Patriarchal Villainy in John Le Carre's Karla Trilogy Dana Lori Chalmers: The Nazi's Villain and the Holocaust Villainy Victorious Sorcha Ni Fhlainn: 'Wait till they get a load of me!' - The Joker from Modern to Postmodern Villainous S/laughter Cynthia Jones: Little Red Riding Hood: Transition from Victim to Villain Villains in the Community Jo Chipperfield: 'Can They Bear the Name Englishmen?' : The Celebrity of Motor Bandits as a 'New Breed of Villain' in the 1920s Anna Fahraeus: Historicising Racialised Objects of Horror: From the Black Renaissance Villain to the Modern Voodoo Doer Dikmen Yakali-Camoglu: Representations of In-law Women as Villains in the Turkish Novel Exemplifying Exceptional Perspectives: Villainy as a Necessary End Anita Shukla: From Evil to Evil: Revisiting Ravana as a Tool for Community Building Monika Bokiniec: Who can Find a Virtuous CTU Agent? Jack Bauer as Modern Hero, Antihero and Tragic Villain
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