Peace Psychology in the Balkans

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The volume covers the development of peace psychology in the Balkans. The Balkans is a region marked by post-communist and post-conflict transitional turmoil, and this book provides a comprehensive introduction to research in peace psychology in this part of the world, written by scholars primarily working in the Balkan area. It brings together innovative scholarship that examines interdisciplinary aspects of peace psychology researched and written by scholars from Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Croatia, and Slovenia as well as presenting research that responds to contemporary global issues by tracking the ways in which peace psychology is developing and implementing in the Balkans.



1. Localizing Transitional Justice: Civil Society Initiatives and Practices in the Balkans
Olivera Simic and Zala Volcic

PART I. Initiatives within the nation states

2. Civil Society and Post-Communist Transitional Justice in Romania
Lavinia Stan

3. Dealing with the past in post-war Croatia: perceptions, problems and prospects
Tamara Banjeglav

4. The failure of Macedonian post-communist transitional justice: lustration, between cleansing and parody
Despina Angelovska

5. Transitional and transnational justice in Bosnia-Herzegovina: analyzing civil society organizations discourses
Eunice Castro Seixas

6. The 'Transitional Citizen': Civil Society, Political Agency and Hopes for Transitional Justice in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Briony Jones, Alex Jeffrey and Michaelina Jakala

7. Failure of Transitional Justice in Albania: Too Much Politics, Too Little Debate
Arolda Elbasani

8. Truth and the Shadow of Justice
Jamie Rowen

PART II. Transnational civil society practices

9. Structured Encounters in Post-Conflict/Post-Yugoslav Days: Visiting Belgrade and Prishtina
Orli Fridman

10. What About the Women? Transitional Justice and Gender in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Northern Ireland
Hedley Abernethy and Michael Potter

11. 'Pillar of Shame': Civil Society, UN accountability and Genocide in Srebrenica
Olivera Simic

12. Afraid To Cry Wolf: Human Rights Activists' Conundrum to Define Narratives of Justice and Truth in Collective Accountability Efforts
Arnaud Kurze and Iva Vukusic

13. From International Courts to Grassroots Organizing: Obstacles to Transitional Justice in the Balkans
Jill Irvine and Patrice McMahon

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