Fishing the Delaware Valley

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August 1998



The Delaware River is the last major free-flowing river in the eastern United States. Drawing on their cumulative century of angling experience, the authors range through the 14,000 square miles of the Delaware River watershed, with offshore visits for saltwater fishing along the New Jersey coast.


Foreword Introduction 1. Some Basic Principals 2. Freshwater Fishing in Northeastern Pennsylvania 3. Freshwater Fishing in Northern New Jersey 4. Freshwater Fishing in South Jersey 5. The Delaware Bay 6. Coastal Saltwater 7. Crabbing Appendix Index


"A well-written guide to sandwich joints in Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with almost as much information about nearby fishing holes." --Philadelphia Magazine "This book, written by a Temple University administrator and two retired colleagues, has a little bit of everything: commentary on the authors' favorite fishing spots, evaluations of tackle shops, advice on nearby attractions where nonfishing family and friends can pass the time, and restaurant recommendations in case you don't get any keepers." --New York Times
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