Succeeding in the MRCGP CSA

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Up-to-date CSA revision guide, with 2 mock exam circuits.


Milan Mehta is a newly qualified GP within the West Midlands deanery and successfully obtained his nMRCGP in 2009. He has published articles in a number of international medical journals and is a co-author of the book 'Succeeding in the nMRCGP AKT'. He enjoys being involved in both under- and post-graduate medical education and works as a Clinical Teaching Fellow at Keele University School of Medicine, where he is also completing his Masters in Medical Education. He also continues to work part-time as a salaried GP in Staffordshire. Chirag Mehta is currently a GP ST3 working in the West Midlands Deanery and has passed his AKT and CSA exams for the nMRCGP. He has already published the book 'Succeeding in the nMRCGP AKT' and has also helped co-author a book for medical students on core clinical cases. He has publications in the BMJ, Public Health journal and also the RCGP journal for GP trainees 'Innovait'. He has a keen interest in medical education and is currently doing his Diploma in Medical Education at Keele University. Khizzer Majid is a newly appointed GP Principal in the West Midlands. Having successfully completed the nMRCGP recently in 2010, he is able to pass on relevant and up-to-date experience of the CSA examination. Alongside general practice, he is currently involved with improving GP ST3 training.
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