Forests: A Naturalist's Guide to Woodland Trees

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Januar 1997



Explores the ecological, economic, and human influences on over thirty types of woodlands. This book focuses on the effects of site factors - climate, physiography, biology, and soils - upon the growth of various kinds of trees. It includes projects for amateur naturalists, reading lists, and a glossary. It is suitable for general readers.


"This is a hands-on guidebook for non-professionals, written to give concerned citizens an understanding of the ecological basis for decision-making by foresters. It also suggests activities, separates scientific fact from myth, and provides 'a well-rounded and exciting introduction to future foresters.'" Journal of Forestry "Walker teaches his readers about the dynamics of forest life and how foresters use nature's processes for forest management. He covers the many different species of trees that grow in the U.S. and provides hands-on projects that encourage readers to experience and observe nature directly... His deep respect for forests can only help foster environmental awareness. A glossary, index, and bibliography make this a handy guide." ALA Booklist "A valuable hiker's companion or introduction for future foresters." Science News
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