Framing Blackness

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November 1993



Arguing that the commercial film industry reflects white domination of American society, this book traces an African Americans protesting screen images of blacks as criminals, servants, comics, athletes, and sidekicks. It also looks at the controversies surrounding role choices by stars like Sidney Poitier, Eddie Murphy, and Whoopie Goldberg.


Illustrations Acknowledgments Introduction 1. From Birth To Blaxploitation: Hollywood's Inscription of Slavery 2. Slaves, Monsters, and Others: Racial Fragment, Metaphor, and Allegory on the Commercial Screen 3. The Rise and Fall of Blaxploitation 4. Recuperation, Representation, and Resistance: Black Cinema through the 1980s 5. Black Film in the 1990s: The New Black Movie Boom and Its Portents Notes Bibliography Index


Ed Guerrero, Assistant Professor of English at the University of Delaware, lectures and publishes widely on black cinema and has worked on documentary film projects for PBS and Island Records.


"Ed Guerrero writes broadly and insightfully about the creation and domination of the black image in commercial cinema. This book is a must-read for anyone wishing to develop an understanding of black films and filmmaking in the U.S." --Julie Dash "This well-written and well-argued book offers both an historical survey of representations of blacks in American films and an argument about the relationship between social life and popular culture... [It] fills an important need within the fields of cinema studies, Afro-American studies, and cultural studies, and will appeal to a broad range of readers." --George Lipsitz, University of California, San Diego
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