Holy Mary (Maryam) in Christianity and Islam

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Oktober 2011



Both Christians and Muslims enormously show their deep respect to Mary (Maryam) due to their religious cause. To them she is the best woman of all and an incomparable woman in the world. She is not only mentioned in the Christian Gospels, rather she was prophesized in Hebrew Scriptures long before her birth and is also elaborately discussed in the later revealed Book, the noble Quran, long after her death. No other woman is given such position in the Holy Scriptures. She was the most fortunate one because of being a daughter of a prophet and brought up by a prophet in a holy place and a noble family; and finally being the virgin mother of a mighty prophet. Throughout her whole life she was very much committed and dedicated to each and every command of Almighty Allah. She was the symbol of truth, fair, passion, devotion, belief and practice. She was a source of inspiration for doing good deeds. Really she is the best example of an ideal woman for womanhood. In spite of basic differences between Christian and Muslim veneration to her, Mary is the common ground for bridging the gape between Christians and Muslims for the promotion of understanding inter-religious peace& harmony.


got first class at B.A. (Hons.) and M.A. in Islamic Studies from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. In 2011, the same University conferred M. Phil. award on her for writing the thesis "Holy Mary in Christianity and Islam: A Comparative Study". Currently she is studying as a Ph. D. fellow at University of Dhaka under the Deptt. of Islamic Studies.
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