The Heart of Listening

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August 2003



This, the latest book from 'The School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Series' of Regent's College, is an intriguing book which explores complex areas and is recommended for the more experienced practitioner' - Counsellingbooks.com

This book focuses in depth on how attention and the heart are involved in relating to others. The author draws in both west and west to illuminate this often neglected aspect of psychotherapeutic work. Sufic and Yogic approaches to heart consciousness are given as well as those from contemporary scientific studies which are discovering the heart's intelligence. Also drawing on contemporary contribution from cognitive psychology, neuroscience, Rosalind Pearmain describes the moment-by-moment process of relational contract in terms of an arc of attunement, amplification and reverberation and offers practical exercises to develop our heart's capacities to respond to others.

`Intriguing.. extraordinary.. skillfull...' Counselling News


Rosalind Pearmain is Senior Lecturer at the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, Regents College, and also a practitioner of a heart-focused form of Raj Yoga (Sahaj Marg)
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