The Heritage Crusade and the Spoils of History

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Mai 1998



A paperback edition of a critically-acclaimed study of the meaning and effects of 'Heritage'.


Introduction; 1. Heritage ascendant; 2. Personal legacies; 3. Collective legacies; 4. Heritage assailed; 5. The purpose and practice of history; 6. The purpose of heritage; 7. The practice of heritage; 8. Being first; 9. Being innate; 10. Rivalry and restitution.


'The invention of heritage is a fascinating story, and Lowenthal tells it with vigour, style and a Balzacian relish for detail ... His racy style keeps us constantly on the move.' Roger Scruton, The Times 'Timely and provocative ... brilliant and stimulating pyrotechnic.' Roy Strong, The Sunday Times 'A wealth of stories both true and amusing.' Grey Gowrie, The Daily Telegraph 'Perceptive and provocative ... explores the many perversities of the heritage cult - and its absolute irresistibility.' Michael Kerrigan, The Scotsman 'Leads a brilliant dance through this jungle of cultural confusion, from the Holocaust Museum to Elvis Presley's shrine in Graceland.' Candida Lycett Green, The Sunday Express 'Brave, piquant and impressively broad-ranging.' Linda Colley, The Times Literary Supplement
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