Women in Educational Management

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Dezember 1992



The text provides women managers' own vivid accounts of their varied career paths into educational management and of their day-to-day experiences as women in management posts. Jenny Ozga and her contributors explore the issue which develop both from a recognition of women's minority status in educational management, and from the idea that women may manage differently from men. By offering a series of accounts by women managers at all levels in the education system. "Women in Educational Management" hopes to encourage other women to consider the possibility of a career in educational management. By describing some of the problems faced by women managers it will help others to identify the barriers to progress, and consider strategies for overcoming them. Finally, by presenting positive arguments for women as managers, it aims to help combat stereotypical images of management as a "masculine" activity.


In a different mode
Black women in educational management
The community education coordinator
The chief education officers
The secondary head - the secondary deputy
The primary head
The head of department in teacher education - from HMI to polytechnic director
A training initiative
Gender issues in management training

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