Critical Approaches to Ageing and Later Life

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August 1997



Discuss the theoretical developments in the international field of ageing. This book covers social sciences and humanities. It provides a critical approach to our understanding of the experience of ageing and later life.


Part I: Reflections on gerontology
Talking about age
the theoretical basis of social gerontology
Critical gerontology
From minorities to majorities
perspectives on culture, ethnicity and ageing in British gerontology
The uses of literature in the study of older people
Historical research into ageing
old age and the aged
Recalling life
analytical issues in the use of 'memories'
Part II: Conceptualising age relations and later life
Inter-generational relationships
an autobiographical perspective
Spatiality and age relations
Representations of old age in painting and photography
Citizenship theory and old age
from social rights to surveillance older people
Illustrating care
images of care relationships with older people
Figuring identities
older people, medicine and time
Constructing later life, constructing the body
some thoughts from feminist theory
Part III: Concluding observations
Concepts and theories in social gerontology


The editors bring three distinctive approaches to the collection:

Anne Jamieson, is Lecturer in Gerontology at Birkbeck College, she has worked extensively on issues of ageing in Europe, co-ordinating the European Commission's Agecare Research Europe programme. Her publications include Home Care for Older People in Europe: policies and practices.

Sarah Harper worked on the collection while an Associate Professor in Public Policy at the University of Chicago. She is currently at the Welcome Unit for the History of Medicine, University of Oxford, working on twentieth century health care and ageing. She is the author of Ageing Societies.

Christina Victor is a lecturer in Public Health at St George's Medical School. Her book Health and Health Care in Later Life was published by Open University Press.

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