Healing the Bereaved Child: Grief Gardening, Growth Through Grief and Other Touchstones for Caregivers

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Januar 1996



This comprehensive guide to helping grieving children offers a holistic view of grief as a normal, natural process. It explores the ways in which bereaved children can not only heal but also grow through their grief, and provides the six needs of mourning and counseling fundamentals and techniques for caregivers. Also included are explorations of how a grieving child thinks, feels, and mourns; what makes each child's grief unique; and ideas to help grieving adolescents.


Alan D. Wolfelt, PhD, is an internationally known teacher, a grief counselor, and the author of "The Journey Through Grief" and "The Understanding Your Grief Journal." He is director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition and faculty member at the University of Colorado Medical School's department of family medicine. He is the "Children and Grief" columnist for "Bereavement" magazine and has appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live," and NBC's "Today." He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.
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