A History of Private Life

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All the mystery, earthiness and romance of the Middle Ages are captured in this panorama of everyday life. The evolving concepts of intimacy are explored--from the semi-obscure eleventh century through the first stirrings of the Renaissance world in the fifteenth century. Color and black-and-white illustrations.


Preface by Georges Duby 1. Introduction by Georges Duby Private Power, Public Power 2. Portraits by Georges Duby, Dominique Barthelemy, Charles de La Ronciere The Aristocratic Households of Feudal France Communal Living Kinship Tuscan Notables on the Eve of the Renaissance 3. Imagining the Self by Danielle Regnier-Bohler Exploring Literature 4. The Use of Private Space by Dominique Barthelemy, Philippe Contamine Civilizing the Fortress: Eleventh to Thirteenth Century Peasant Hearth to Papal Palace: The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries 5. The Emergence of the Individual by Georges Duby, Philippe Braunstein Solitude: Eleventh to Thirteenth Century Toward Intimacy: The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries Bibliography Credits Index


Georges Duby, a member of the Academie Francaise, is Professor of Medieval History at the College de France. Arthur Goldhammer received the French-American Translation Prize in 1990 for his translation of A Critical Dictionary of the French Revolution.


Fourteen different French historians trace this triumph [of individualism] in richly illustrated chapters surveying the terrain of privacy by a variety of procedures...The book is a feast for the eye; it is fascinating, often compelling in its exquisite detail. -- Maureen Quilligan New York Times Book Review Profusely and intelligently illustrated, generously margined, and wisely and clearly written...[this volume] invites a profound reconsideration of our notions about much of the past and suggests new ways of looking at it...We ought to be inspired to think about our own notion and practice of private life. -- Edward Peters The Nation The material in this second anthology...is personally involving and profoundly informative...This immense work of imaginative history lifts us out of our own constructed walls. It reveals to us not only the shapes and colors of another time, but of our own. -- Paul Kafka Bloomsbury Review This volume offers a very full, richly variegated picture of the life, in different places and at different periods, of the Middle Ages. The lavish and well-chosen illustrations match the text. -- Maurice Keen New York Review of Books Like its predecessor in the same series, [this book] makes full use of the whole range of evidence and, most strikingly, the visual...This thoughtful, handsome book would be a fine addition to any library. -- David Herlihy Boston Globe
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