How to Promote, Publicize, and Advertise Your Growing Business: Getting the Word Out Without Spending a Fortune

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April 1992



Builds on what you already know about communications as a basis for becoming an expert in getting messages out to your own marketplace. In-depth coverage explains how to create, manage and produce cost effective advertising, publicity, brochures, catalogs and public relations events. Provides succinct guidelines, step-by-step checklists, easy-to-use charts, money-saving tips for budgets of all sizes and real-world examples which demonstrate the concepts in action.


Partial table of contents: Marketing Communications: Creating Your Company's Voice to the World. Advertising: Making It from Message to Media Without a Migraine. Special Events: Producing Seminars, Conferences, and Community Activities for More Recognition. Other Communication Tools: Using Identity, Tradeshows, Packaging, and Special Promotions for Best Results. The Best Vendors for a Project: Matching Personalities and Capabilities to Your Needs. Common Marketing Communications Problems: Recognizing Them and Bailing Yourself Out Before It's Too Late. The Marketing Communications Glossary. Useful References. Bibliography. Index.
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